Support Ukraine. Join the Marathon.

The Marathon
In Support
Of Ukraine

On February, 24th, 2022 at 5 AM Russia brutally attacked Ukraine from the East, South, North, and by air.

Right now Russia is bombarding residential areas, striking hospitals and kindergartens, mining railway tracks, and killing the civilian population of a European state. By launching an unjustified and unprovoked full-scale war in the very heart of Europe, Russia declared the war not just against Ukraine, but against the whole civilized democratic world.

On behalf of the citizens of Ukraine, we appeal to the running community all over the world.

Together we have a powerful voice and opportunity to speak up, influence, and drive real changes. During these tough and dark times for our country and the global community, we ask you to use this power now to support Ukraine, protect humanity and help us stop the war.

We’re launching the global Marathon in support of Ukraine and created the starter number you can use to run a symbolic distance to support our country.

🇺🇦 Download the number from our website and print it or use an Instagram filter to make stories with a virtual running number.

🇺🇦 Use it to run the symbolic Marathon at any time and over any distance, regardless of your location.

🇺🇦 Share a video or photo of your run and use the hashtag #StandWithUkraine

🇺🇦 You can also help Ukraine by sending humanitarian aid or donating to its transportation to Ukraine: novaposhta.ua/humanitarian_post/en

Join us in our fight for Ukraine.
For humanity.
For the whole world.

Total number of runners
April 25th, 2022


Time is crucial for Ukraine now.

Every minute – is another Russian military missile trying to destroy our cities and kill our people. Run the marathon and urge the world to support Ukraine.


You can run it anytime, anywhere. The distance you cover can be of your own choosing.

Starter pack

The Starter pack includes a starter number with a message of support to Ukraine and the numbers of war crimes committed by Russia during the full-scale invasion to Ukraine.

Join us in our fight for Ukraine.
For humanity.
For the whole world.